Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications developed by Eminent serves the important purpose of simplifying complex business tasks for your enterprise that may otherwise create a stumbling block in its progress.

Our services in this vertical equip your business with streamlined and automated processes. As a result, you can well expect accentuated work efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction to knock your door.


Through our CRM application development services, we help your business to be at the receiving end of numerous benefits, such as:
  1. Improved Customer Interaction
  2. Customer Requirements and Behavior Analysis
  3. Apt Resource Optimization
  4. Reduced Operating Cost
  5. Enhanced Employees Productivity

Our Services

Through our CRM application development services, we can collaborate with you to come up with numerous customized modules such as:
  1. Comprehensive Contact Book Module
  2. Marketing Campaign Module
  3. Maintenance & Services Module
  4. Customer Support System (CSS) Module
  5. Integrated With the Mail System
  6. Individual Complaint or Request Tracking
  7. Workflow Foundation
  8. Internationalization