Eminent Web SEO Solutions is a dynamic enterprise resource planning solution that allows organizations to smoothly integrate disparate teams, functions, processes and systems.

The ERP platform, with built-in CRM and SCM capabilities, offers organizations sharp insights into and control over operations across the value chain through a single application. With its powerful suite of tools such as workflow management and portal and a set of ready functional modules, Eminent addresses the needs and challenges of diverse industries.

Key functionalities

Finance: Advanced tools for financial planning, enterprise asset management, cash management, and cash flow analysis increase financial data accuracy and strengthen organizational budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

Manufacturing: Integrated automation tools for all production requirements streamline intensive processes—from sales forecasting to production planning.

Sales: With a 360° view of the entire business, Eminent Web SEO Solutions provides real-time access to customer, product, and performance information and supports multi-channel and multi-departmental sales processes. Supply chain management: Integrated procurement and warehousing tools and an advanced payment tracking system help shorten the Order-to-Cash cycle time and give companies complete control over the entire SCM process.

Retail: A touch screen interface and efficient electronic systems for bar coding, point-of-sale management, multi-pricing levels, etc., enable flawless management of all retail functions. Contracting: Eminent Web SEO Solutions offers advanced monitoring and analytical tools that enable tracking of and control over the entire project—from inquiry to completion.

Auto dealership management: A comprehensive set of tools and modules for complete operational control over auto dealership and workshop activities. Human resources and payroll: An integrated interface for all HR functions, including attendance, payroll processing, leave tracking, and recruitment, facilitates smooth operations and effective personnel management.